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Hosted by Sheila Dooley, Executive Director and Joel Wallen, Associate Executive Director

About Pernet Family Health Services

Pernet Family Health Service in Worcester, Massachusetts is a Department of Public Health-certified home health agency. We provide a continuum of care to support and strengthen families. This is done through giving hands-on, in-home care for the most complex of maternal and child cases in the Worcester area, and Early Intervention Services for children 0-3 years of age with, or at-risk for, developmental delays. In partnership with the Department of Children and Families, the Parent Aide Program works on family reunification and parent training. The Fathers Program supports fathers in the community and those at the Worcester County Jail and House of Correction giving them skills needed to connect with their children. Our Emergency Assistance Program operates a food pantry where families are able to access food, diapers, and hygiene products. The Youth Program offers recreation, academic support, and youth events to neighborhood youth. We also collaborate with many governmental, nonprofit, and spiritual organizations to improve the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual health of 11,500 people a year, many of them infants and children.

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Pernet Family Health Services Introduces Father’s Program

In this edition of the Pernet Family Health Services podcast learn about the Father’s Program. The Fathers Program provides support services to fathers in the community and at the Worcester County Jail and House of Correction through individual and group case management services to strengthen their connection with their children. Fathers participate in 10-week sessions during which they develop skills in communication, how to show love and affection, stress management, and relationship and life skills.


Sheilah Dooley and Melissa Wenderoth Discuss the Benefits of Early Intervention

Sheilah Dooley and Melissa Wenderoth Discuss the Benefits of Early Intervention

Sheilah Dooley, Executive Director, Pernet Family Health Service is joined by Melissa Wenderoth the Director of Early Intervention at Pernet to talk about their programs. Children birth through 3 are helped through Pernet early intervention. Children come to early intervention through referrals. Reasons for early intervention could be premature birth, parents dealing with substance abuse, young moms who may need help and more. The parents control how often they want services, but it is at least once a month, or it they want it can be once a week or every couple of weeks. Parents and caregivers are able to work with coordinators on the concerns they have for the child and/or family. The parents are part of the services and continue the practices until the coordinator returns for the next visit. This is a family and community support program. To learn more about early intervention and how it may benefit you or a family member listen to the latest podcast from Pernet Family Health Service.

Sheilah Dooley and Melissa Wenderoth Discuss the Benefits of Early Intervention

Welcome to the Pernet Family Health Services Podcast!

Pernet Family Health Services Executive Director Sheilah Dooley and Associate Executive Director Joel Wallen talk about the mission, history and programs at Pernet. We also hear about the recent merger with Webster Square Day Care Center and how that aids in the mission to strengthen families.

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