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Rollstone Bank and Trust podcast- Cybersecurity

On this episode of the Rollstone Bank and Trust podcast, COO Arthur Feehan talks to us about Cybersecurity. Feehan recently took part in a table top exercise that dealt with a mock cyber attack. As Feehan tells us the bank has multiple layers of security and is constantly adding to those safety measures. He also says that they are continually educating their customers to employ best practices. The recent exercise tested how institutions will react to a particular scenario.

Rollstone CEO Martin Connors

Rollstone Bank & Trust President and CEO Martin Connors runs talks about commercial and personal loans. He also warns that all the signs of recession are here. Listen here and then talk to Rollstone.

CEO Martin Connors talks about Wealth Management

On this edition of the Rollstone Bank and Trust podcast President and CEO Martin Connors talks about Wealth Management.  Wealth Management is a critical part of Rollstone Bank and Trust.  Connors speaks to us about traditional trust and the brokered dealer platform. ...

Rollstone Bank and Trust

Rollstone Bank and Trust

Safety, Stability, & Security Since 1846
In 1846, we were a pioneer community bank. Today, we’re still pioneering here in Central Massachusetts with new banking ideas and good old-fashioned personal service. Our dedication to providing customers with superior personal banking and commercial financial products, and the support they need to prosper at work and at home, has enabled us to build one of the most trusted banks in the region.

A Federally Chartered Mutual Savings Bank, Rollstone Bank & Trust offers a wide range of banking services through a network of branches conveniently located throughout Fitchburg, and in Leominster, Harvard, Townsend, and Groton. We also have a loan and wealth management office in Worcester and a lending center in Fitchburg. Rollstone Bank & Trust is FDIC insuredMember DIF, an Equal Housing Lender,and an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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